Sardinia beyond the sea

Sardinia in Music “Sun&Bass

San Teodoro in September is dressed in music, artists from all over the world meet in this lively resort to celebrate friendship, the union of different cultures and last but not least the great protagonist… Electronic Music.
The Sun&Bass Festival was born in 2003 on the initiative of two young people who found themselves working in San Teodoro during the summer season. The enchanting location, the love for this kind of music and the impressive number of young tourists gave them the input to organise a small party on the beach… since then they have never stopped and it has become an increasingly important annual event. Eight days and eight nights of music, sunny beaches and good food in an enchanted corner of Sardinia.

“In the Canyon Gorge

Not only for enthusiasts, but also to spend a different day, at Gola Su Gorropu you can go trekking and canyoning along a route of around 12 km formed in the Supramonte between the villages of Orgosolo and Urzulei, partly crossing the Flumineddu river.
This is the most spectacular canyon in Europe and one of the deepest, in the centre of Sardinia, between Barbagia and Ogliastra, a spectacular natural monument rich in biodiversity. Experienced guides and staff, with appropriate equipment, will accompany you into the wildest territory of the island to tackle the various trekking routes or organised Canyoning trips that allow you to reach the heart of this magnificent Canyon.
This owes its fame to the cyclopean vertical walls that make this experience an adventure that allows you to discover unforgettable landscapes. For those who want to experience the thrill of canyoning closer to the coast, we suggest Rio Pitrisconi, a wonderful river that flows between San Teodoro and Padru in the rocky heart of Gallura. Spectacular gorges created by the watercourse that has eroded the pink granite, creating waterfalls and natural pools. Also ideal for those approaching this activity for the first time.

“Spa in the heart of Sardinia

On a day that isn’t too sunny or windy, we can find an alternative to a day at the beach and the sea by taking a dip in the thermal waters at Fordongianus, in the province of Oristano, in the heart of Sardinia, nestled in the valley of the River Tirso.
After a period of neglect, the thermal baths have recently been rediscovered, hence the construction of a modern and well-equipped spa. The waters of this centre gush forth from natural springs at a temperature of 56° all year round, and are classified as salty-bicarbonate-fluorinated-thermal water, therefore suitable not only for classic thermal baths, but also for specific cures and therapies. In addition to the thermal baths, there are also remains of Roman civilisation to visit in the town, with a lively historic centre, and a trip to the Stagni del Sinis, a protected oasis that is home to many species of fauna and flora.

“The Sardinian Carnival

The face concealed behind a mask made of pear wood, clothes made of heavy and noisy skins, cowbells on his shoulders, who does not know the Mamuthone, probably the most famous of the masks of the Carnival of Mamoiada, one of the oldest traditional events in Sardinia. Half dance, half procession, during the parades, they ring their cowbells with cadenced steps, joining the ancestral dance rhythm of the Issohadores in elegant clothes and white masks. A simple Carnival, unique, evocative and mysterious, celebrating the close relationship between man and nature. Spectators, who come from all over the world, are given typical Sardinian carnival sweets.

“Snorkelling…the beauties of the seabed

With 1,800 km of coastline, Sardinia is the ideal environment for those who want to practice this beautiful sport, snorkelling, one of the most beautiful activities that allows you to explore the wonders of the seabed. All you need is a mask, snorkel and fins, and you can stay on the surface or go as deep as 5 metres.
One of the best places to go snorkelling is San Teodoro, near Budoni, a few kilometres away is the protected area of Tavolara, one of the most evocative and perfect areas for this sport, with a seabed rich in fish, coral and endemic algae.
For those wishing to explore a more secluded area, Cala Mariolu, preferably reached by sea, is set in wonderful natural scenery. 30 km from Stintino is theAsinara National Park, where scuba diving is also possible. In the Gulf of Orosei, overlooked by the Supramonte mountain range, you can dive to see the submerged sandstone cliffs near Baunei.

“Kitesurfing in Sardinia, the perfect holiday

The wind, an essential element for this sport, is certainly not lacking in Sardinia. The island therefore lends itself in an overwhelmingly natural way to practising this sport, which is now tried and tested and renowned. Sportsmen and women meet on the Sardinian coast for courses, competitions or simply to spend carefree and fun days.
Kitesurfing is an activity for everyone: for those who want to learn this sport seriously, schools have been set up on many beaches in Sardinia, as well as rental points with qualified personnel, for those who decide to approach it for the first time and follow the wind, even if only to try an alternative sport in direct contact with the sea during their holiday.
A small board, a “kite”, a lot of mistral and sirocco winds, and you are ready to face the open sea. In San Teodoro at La Cinta beach, there is a specific school for experts who want to learn more about particular techniques, or at Simius beach in Villasimius, while in the far north at Santa Teresa di Gallura or onIsola dei Gabbiani, now known to all surfers.

“Twenty-four thousand kilometres of forests, of countryside , of coasts immersed in a miraculous sea should coincide should coincide with what I would advise the good Lord to give us as a gift as Paradise.” FABRIZIO DE ANDRÈ

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