F.A.Q. – Your questions and our answers



Can I make reservations on the IssTravel website without being registered?
No registration is necessary, but we recommend that you subscribe to the newsletter to be updated on current offers and deals.

How do I book an accommodation?
Once you have calculated the quote you will see a page with the summary of the quote and a form to fill out with your personal data, at this point you must choose between the available payment methods and click on “book” to access the payment page. Once the payment has been made, you will receive confirmation by e-mail and the booking documents according to a schedule that varies depending on the payment method.


Do I haveto pay the full amount at the time of booking?
For accommodation, rates listed as non-refundable on the site must be prepaid in full at the time of booking. For refundable rates, you can choose at the time of booking to pay only a deposit while the balance is due 21 days before your arrival.

If you choose to pay the deposit, you will immediately receive a confirmation email, if you pay the full amount you will receive a voucher to present on arrival at the hotel.

How does payment by credit card work?
You can pay with any credit card, debit card or prepaid card, even if the card holder is different from the reservation holder. The payment will be handled by the PayPal or Stripe system. You will be asked to enter your credit card details, the payment will be debited immediately and you will receive an email notification of the successful payment.

When will my credit cardbe charged?
The charge is immediate and automatic.

Why am I asked for my personal data?
IssTravel requests only the information strictly necessary for the booking. For more information on the processing of personal data please refer to the privacy disclaimer

How does payment by bank transfer work?
The payment page will show the bank details, which will also be sent to you by email, together with precise instructions on what to enter as the reason for payment.
Traditional bank transfers are not credited immediately, so in order to confirm your booking in a timely manner, you will need to send a copy/receipt of the bank transfer by email (in response to the email with the bank details or alternatively to booking@russovincenzo.com).

Upon receipt of the copy of the bank transfer, the reservation is pre-confirmed and only becomes final once IssTravel receives the credit. 


Why am I asked to enter the age of my children?
Children’s discounts are only applicable to certain age groups depending on the establishment or shipping company, that’s why during the search you will have to enter the number of children and their age at the time of travel, never forgetting to enter the children even when they are sleeping in their parents’ bed.

Are the rates listed on the site for accommodation per person or per room per night?
On the site you will always find the minimum price per person per night available for each accommodation. The quote simulation system produces a quotation that is intended to include all the nights quoted for all the guests entered. Any compulsory supplements are always visible on the final page of the quote where we give you the opportunity to enter your details to book or send an availability request. VAT is always included.

Can the price vary from one day to the next?
All rates and availability are valid at the time of listing and are subject to change independent of IssTravel. The only way to ensure that the rate does not increase is to book at the time of quotation because especially for some periods prices change suddenly. 


Once you havemade the booking, what happens?
After you have completed the payment of the accommodation we will send you the voucher to present on arrival at the accommodation. On the voucher there is a unique booking code that refers to your file and there is a summary of what you have booked and already paid, with an indication of any supplements to be paid on site according to the estimate that you had calculated on the site.

What happens if I lose my voucher?
If you accidentally lose your voucher, you can request a copy by telling us your name, surname, dates of travel and the route or name of the accommodation booked.

How can I find out if my reservation has been confirmed?
Confirmation of the reservation is sent by email with different timings.

Do I have to confirm my booking directly with the property?
No, the booking is confirmed by IssTravel. When you send the booking voucher, we will also send a copy of it to the hotel, which will then have both the confirmation and the voucher with your unique booking code and the summary of the services booked. 


Is it possible to modify my booking?
To make changes to a booking, you must make a request by e-mail to booking@russovincenzo.com indicating your booking code. One of our operators will check if it is possible to modify your booking and will give you an estimate for the modification if it involves additional fees. Only after your confirmation will he proceed with the modification (subject to payment of additional fees, where applicable).

Is it possible to cancel my booking?
It is always possible to cancel your booking but the refund conditions vary depending on when you cancel and what fare you originally booked with. All bookings made through IssTravel must be cancelled through IssTravel, cancellations made through the establishment will not be considered valid.

Is there a charge forcancelling a reservation?
The cancellation of a reservation in an accommodation is subject to the cancellation fee visible in the quote calculation and accepted during the booking process.
Most establishments do not impose penalties for cancellations made at least 30 days before the date of arrival, it being understood that any costs for re-crediting the sums paid are in any case the responsibility of the tourist.

Partial cancellation of a booking (the cancellation of a number of nights or the reduction of additional services added to the ticket) is subject to the same conditions as a full cancellation.

What happens if I need a refund?
IssTravel will credit the refund directly to your credit card if you have used a credit card or if the payment was made by bank transfer you will be asked for the bank details so that we can issue a bank transfer in your favour. 


Who can I contact if I need help?
IssTravel remains at your disposal even after you have confirmed your booking, and in case you have practical difficulties in arriving on time at the property or need directions you can always contact the telephone number of the property on the voucher, which is useful for direct contact and for the times when the IssTravel offices are closed.

You will need to contact the property as soon as possible using the telephone number on your voucher if you need to advise a different arrival time to the one provided by the property.