Beaches, pearls of Sardinia

A riot of colour, of hidden coves that suddenly open up into splendid coves of small but beautiful beaches with white or golden sand, surrounded by gigantic rocks of pink, white and brown granite that rise up towards the sky to form imaginary animals.
Discovering the beaches of Sardinia, appreciated and admired all over the world, can be an intimate and exciting experience.
This harsh land, with its strong character, is, however, very generous when it comes to its beaches; it is a fascinating, inspiring and personal journey, a journey through the magic of the sea in all its shades of colour and its beaches defined as ‘the most beautiful in the Mediterranean’, surrounded by the scent of myrtle, typical of the vegetation of this region.


With its Caribbean hues, turquoise waters, clear and calm, and beaches of soft white sand, Stintino offers all this. The most famous, La Pelosa, which owes its amusing name to the Mediterranean vegetation with long, fine tufts, is characterised by shallow water for metres and metres with unique colours, with a closed number to protect the environment, and offers unforgettable views. Similar in name and characteristics is the smaller La Pelosetta beach. Immersed in the scents of the Mediterranean maquis is Punta Negra, or just 4 km from Stintino, Le Saline, a small beach of pebbles polished by the waves. For the more adventurous, because they are not easy to access, Cala Coscia di Donna and Cala Lupo present visitors with dark rocks lapped by waters that vary in colour from emerald green to blue, appreciated by snorkelling enthusiasts.

Santa Teresa di Gallura

In the surroundings of Santa Teresa di GalluraPorto Liscia beach, with a beautiful golden sandy beach of granite nature; a few kilometres further west, La Licciola beach, where light to medium-grained sand alternates with rocks on the sandy shore, making it very picturesque. Cala Sambuco beach, a small, crescent-shaped beach, is quiet and isolated.

San Teodoro

You’ll be spoilt for choice, the most famous and popular being La Cinta beach, 5 km long. Also worth visiting are L’Isuledda, the beautiful Cala Brandinchi with its crystal clear water, one of the most popular beaches. Nearby are Salina BambaLu ImpostuPunta MolaraCala Squarcione and Cala delle Vacche, small coves for those seeking privacy, famous for their “flat stones“. Also not to be missed is the “Delle Farfalle” beach at Cala Suaraccia, immersed in dense vegetation, with a sandy shore of fine, light-coloured sand with greyish hues.

Porto Rotondo

The most famous isIra beach, a small corner of paradise. Also worth discovering are Punta Lepre beach, a medium-sized beach surrounded by fragrant junipers, Punta degli Asfodeli and Dei Sassi beaches, and Marinella beach, which stretches for about 800 metres.

Golfo di Marinella

The best known is certainly Marinella beach, but if you are looking for a more private and quiet spot, we recommend Cala Sabina beach. You’ll have to go a few kilometres further to find Rena Bianca beach, one of the most beautiful on the Costa Smeralda.

Baja Sardinia

Just 2 km from Baja SardiniaCala Bitta is a beach located inside a natural inlet, characterised by a very shallow bottom and is an ideal destination for families with children and for those who love snorkelling. About a 25-minute drive away is one of the most beautiful beaches on the Costa Smeralda, the beach of Capriccioli (caprette in Sardinian) in Cala di Volpe, consisting of two small coves that stretch out into the crystal clear sea separated by pink granite. Shallow water and very calm waters.


Opposite the village, the beach of Porto Faro stretches along a bay protected by the famous Capo D’Orso rock, the symbol of Palau. With fine white sand mixed with bits of rock, the view reaches as far as the islands of Santo Stefano and Caprera. The Sciumara beach is very popular because it is easy to reach. It is wide and comfortable and surrounded by rocks that shelter it from the wind. A short distance away is the Talmone beach in the locality of Cuncato, suitable for underwater activities, while the Delle Piscine beach, about 500 metres from this beach, offers a small, wild and very charming environment.


With its dream beaches, Budoni is a holiday paradise, offering very different coastal landscapes of wild, unspoilt nature and clear sea. Small bays for those who love tranquillity, long beaches of fine sand to enjoy long walks. The beach of Sa Caparizza is one of the most famous, with fine white sand and a favourite with families because of its size. Nearby are the beaches of Porto Ottiolu, with shallow, clear water, the beach of Baia Sant’Anna, from which you can enjoy a beautiful view of the open sea surrounded by the scent of myrtle, and the beach of Cala di Budoni.


One of the pearls of the beautiful Gulf of Orosei, it boasts a 2 km-long beach of fine light-coloured sand mixed with shells and gravel. An ideal destination for surfers, it has transparent waters with a rapidly sloping seabed. Very famous is the wonderful Oasis of Biderosa, the most beautiful beach in Orosei, a protected natural park of 800 hectares, consisting of five coves of white sand overlooking a turquoise and emerald sea, an exclusive paradise with a limited number of visitors from May to the end of October, surrounded by a spontaneous and luxuriant nature of junipers, pines and holm oaks.


Delle Bombarde beach is Alghero‘s most famous beach, frequented by young people and some VIPs, with a sandy seabed and transparent sea, ideal for surfing and other water sports. For those who prefer privacy, there is Del Lazzaretto beach, with 10 small coves of fine, light-coloured sand. Ideal for families, the Mugoni beach is several kilometres long, with fine, clear sand, protected from currents and winds. Accessible through a beautiful pine forest, Porto Ferro beach is characterised by yellow to reddish sand.


Clear, bright waters, intense colours, the beach of Porto Sa Ruxi leaves you speechless, white sand and rocks, just 15 mn from Villasimius. Closer to the town, the beach of Porto Giunco, an expanse of white sand with a shallow seabed and transparent water; about 30 m by car, behind the beach of Cava Usai, with a bit of luck you can enjoy an unforgettable faunal spectacle, a pond inhabited by pink flamingos. A wide coastline surrounded by rich Mediterranean scrub, Campulongu beach has a crystal-clear sea and shallow water suitable for families with children. From the town centre, which can be reached on foot, you can reach Simius beach, which has bathing establishments and a free section with a good range of services.

"Even the moon surrenders to beauty
The sea its splendid armour
Keeps its history in the earth
It grants a dance only to those who know how to love it
Mountains that give the sea
The smell of myrtles in bloom
I have no heart and no wind
Without her love and affection..."

Cuore e Vento (Tazenda feat Modà)

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Beaches, pearls of Sardinia

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