Beaches of Tuscany

Beaches in the province of Grosseto

Cala del Gesso, one of the most beautiful beaches on the Tuscan coast, here, in theArgentario area, the sea is an emerald colour with dark blue spots and a pebbly cove, ideal to reach by sea or by land but with a hard walk through nature, a destination appreciated by those seeking privacy and relaxation.
Feniglia beach in Orbetello is a 7 km longstretchof golden sand, with crystal-clear sea and wild nature. This endless beach forms the Duna Feniglia Nature Reserve. Behind it is a thick pine forest for moments of relaxation.
Cala Violina, the name derives from a particular sound made by small grains of quartz which, when you walk on them, seem to “play” like an instrument; a very beautiful beach that is difficult to reach but very popular, between Follonica and Punta Ala, inside the Bandite di Scarlino Nature Reserve.
A corner of paradise with breathtaking scenery, it has a tropical charm. Delle Cannelle is a small spit, where you can breathe in an “island” atmosphere, fun and relaxation at the same time. It is only 100 metres long and its main characteristic is that it has transparent waters with dark blue spots and a white cove formed by quartz stones that sparkle in the sun like diamonds.

Beaches in the province of Livorno

In the Livorno area, the beaches we find are very jagged, not continuous but with unique colours. The Baia Del Quercetano in Castiglioncello, a well-known tourist resort on the Tuscan coast where famous actors and singers lived in the fabulous 1960s and 1970s, is a half-moon shaped cove sheltered from the winds with a crystal clear sea, fine sand and smooth rocks, where the Mediterranean maquis reigns supreme.
After a day at the beach, don’t miss a walk in the centre of the village, where you can still breathe in the air of the “Dolce Vita” with its famous restaurants and fashionable boutiques.
The famous White Beaches between Vada and Rosignano Solvay are worth a visit, a free beach 4 km long with a Caribbean flavour, fine sand as white as flour, framed by a sea that ranges from turquoise to dark blue; loved by families but also by surfers and kitesurfers, it also has a specific school, during the summer season it is also animated by musical events that attract young people from all over the world, its magnificent scenery has also been used for calendars and films.
In Piombino , on the other hand, there is the Torre Mozza beach, a long white beach with the particularity of having a sixteenth-century tower inside it. Here the seabed, amidst ravines and rocks, you can encounter octopus, bass and bream.
Nearby, following the scent of myrtle, reminiscent of Sardinia, you reach one of the wildest and most solitary beaches on the Tuscan coast, La Buca delle Fate in the Gulf of Baratti. A paradise for those who love snorkelling, it owes its name to the presence of numerous Etruscan tombs commonly known as “holes” where the ancients believed to be the refuge of supernatural beings. It can be reached along a path through the typical vegetation of olive trees and holm oaks, and is a magical place steeped in history. A 20-minute walk takes you to the small rocky beach with its deep waters, ideal for those who love diving or simply taking a swim in these beautiful waters.

“The sea has no country either, and it belongs to all those who listen, here and there where the sun rises and dies. ” quoted. Giovanni Verga

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