About us

When someone asks us to talk about ourselves we are initially puzzled. What to say?! What to say? There is always the fear of saying too much or too little… of not “getting there”, of not being able to convey what you feel.

Then you start, from any point, and try to put together all the confused ideas you have in your head.
What Alessandro and I have been asking ourselves since the beginning of this adventure was… “Why? “Why start this journey (there was never a more appropriate word…) in these difficult times? “where work, society and interpersonal relationships are precarious and uncertain.

The answer, we said to ourselves, could be in the “Journey”… the journey that each of us must undertake to reach a destination, be it a place, a change of life, a personal rebirth. It is a projection into the future, having new ideas and projects, and never as in this historical moment is there more need to hope that life can resume not in a normal way but even better.

We haven’t invented anything new, we haven’t discovered anything, but we believe that our needs and requirements are those of everyone. And that’s why we have created this site, because we need to escape, to breathe again, we want to plan and enjoy all the beauty and places that this Earth offers us, and we want to share this with those who still have curiosity and interest, making our knowledge available.

We’ve been in this business for over 30 years, and it’s been a rollercoaster ride of “wow” moments and others where finding the right motivation was still our daily mantra. But we’re still here, rediscovering that adrenaline rush we all get from knowing and travelling. Tuscany and Sardinia, our main destinations, are those of the Heart and of the Belly.

Tuscany is the place of the heart, the region where we live and which we feel is deeply ours, sea, mountains, hills and lake, splendid cities of art but also places where you can still breathe village life.
Cuisine that is genuine and true, like the people who live there, ancient aromas rich in excellent raw materials but with an eye to innovation.

Sardinia is the beginning, where everything began, where work and friendship have been consolidated over time. It is a strong region, with character, which you discover little by little, sometimes a little rough but with a big heart, where the salty sea combines with the smells of the harsh but generous land.

So we took this train, in a hurry, the destination is the one you will choose for your next trip.
We with our backpack full of experiences and you with your suitcase, ready to go.

"....Two good companions They should never leave each other They may choose different sailings They will always be two sailors...." Francesco De Gregori